Drum Circles for Unity


Drumming for unity is a project close to my heart, and an act of collective service meant to serve the immediate community. It is intended to bring locals together with the shared intention of offering up what we each have to give of ourselves (time, wisdom, energy) toward a collective unity. Where we will each share in holding an intention for community growth, we can also find fellowship in that shared intention and potential nurturing through group ritual.

If you would like to host a Drum Circle for Unity, let me know!
I’m happy to bring this event to other locations.

Important Information & Guidelines:

Voluntary offering: A donation is appreciated ($5 suggested) for the facilitator’s space and time if affordable to each participant, but it is not required.

Attendees and Privacy: Please be aware that this is an open group event, so attendees may come to the event through different types of connection to Brandice and her practice. Clients will not be identified or acknowledged as such, and Brandice is facilitating in a professional capacity, regardless of any existing relationship prior to stepping into this ritual space.

Collective Focus and Intent: This time and space are for work as a collective, not for engaging in personal work for self or anyone else present. It is also not a time to ask for healing work from the group. If this time together brings up a need for deeper personal work, please reach out to Brandice afterward.

No Training Given/Needed: Come as you are! This space is not intended to train participants in new skills, nor are specific shamanic skills needed. Brandice is a practicing shaman, but participants need only have an ability to hold space and to create rhythm as we each feel led.

Bring your own percussion (BYOP): The event is BYOP (bring your own percussion – rattles, drums, even your hands/feet). Extra rattles may be on hand but are not guaranteed or required. You can participate without a drum or rattle, simply through holding space, singing, dancing, or clapping/stomping.

Voluntary Participation: All aspects of this ritual are voluntary. Each of us may abstain or take a break from sharing or from drumming at any point. In discussion, if called upon, please feel free to simply pass as needed.

Balanced & Intuitive Participation: Each person’s individual techniques will be honored and appreciated provided that no one person disrupts the balance or prevents others from participating. The drumming portion of the ritual will be organic and self-led. Vocalization, body movement, and other instruments are welcome as we are each intuitively led.

Talking Stick Format: Each person’s contribution to discussion will be respected with silence until they indicate they’re done speaking, with a simple “I pass” or other brief indicator. Raising a hand to speak is also helpful in keeping dialogue equal and balanced. Brandice may redirect the conversation to ensure that everyone has opportunity to share.

Self Care First: Everything about this time together should be approached from a mindset of “self care first.” This ritual is about contributing what you have to give to a collective effort for unity in our local and global communities.If done with proper mindfulness for what you have to give, the result should be energizing and positive. If you are feeling low in energy or unwell, or do not have the emotional, spiritual, or physical energy to participate in this type of intention, please consider whether this is a good time to take part. If you feel led to simply hold space rather than give an energetic offering, that is fine as well. Speak to Brandice before the ritual work begins if you have a concern.

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