Geriatric Consultation

Elder Care / Long Term Care

Brandice has nearly 10 years of experience working in the field of geriatric mental health, having worked on an inpatient psychiatric unit, facilitating complex long term care placements and navigating complicated long care issues. She is a strong advocate for safe and accessible elder care, is able to put her knowledge of the elder care system in a digestible format that can make late life planning and family planning less overwhelming and more straightforward.

Sky Witness Healing Arts offers supportive consultation on an hourly basis to other professionals navigating elder care, and to families and/or loved ones of those in need of complex elder care planning.

Consultations typically last 1.5-2 hours, with follow up calls or consultation visits available. Conversation will involve a discussion of the overall family dynamic, primary issues identified, psychosocial support, and then exploration of options, such as (but not limited to) placement, in home support, guardianship, power of attorney, living wills, protective services, mental health providers, strategies for managing discord or disagreement within the family. Resources and direction will be provided as able, questions answered, and emotional support offered.

These issues are much more complex than in previous years and the stress experienced by the elderly and their families is often overlooked by a healthcare industry that wants everything handled quickly and without as much in depth support and discussion as a family might need. This is an opportunity to come in, sit down with someone who has worked in the field, and talk through everything that has happened thus far, brainstorm possible solutions or red flags, have everyone’s fears heard and ideally addressed, and leave knowing that at least one person has heard the whole story, offered support from a place of experience and empathy, and continues to be available if the situation changes and you need that ear again.

Questions? Use the contact page and let’s set up a time to talk!

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