Is it hard for you to know where or how to work on new ways of communicating, setting boundaries, and navigating conflict or difficulty in relationships? Sometimes working on a new way of being can be tricky to dive into if our current relationships feel fragile or unhealthy.

Sometimes we may need a supportive space in which to explore who we are in relationships and to feel supported in our growth in a private space before it feels possible to fully embrace change in our existing relationships.

Group work is a powerful and accessible way of accessing healing that puts you in touch with your own way of coping and interacting in an environment where you can explore the root of your interactions and try on new ways of experiencing and supporting others.

The great thing about doing this in group is that you’re engaging in this exploration with a room full of people who are actively doing the work as well and offering you new relationships in which to learn new ways (or feel empowered in existing ways) of communicating, myself included.

I hold space weekly for groups where you and the others in the room are steering the conversations, witnessing each others’ growth, and handling issues together.

How my groups work:

  • I offer weekly process groups at $30 per session billed weekly for 12 weeks, with an option to continue ongoing.
  • Maximum number of people in a group is 6, allowing for meaningful participation by each group member.
  • Groups are not covered by insurance and are paid for out-of-pocket with a debit, credit, or healthcare flex spending card.
  • Prior to joining group, new members must schedule a group intake session with me to assess readiness and compatibility with the group.

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