Shamanic Services

Sky Witness Healing Arts shamanic practice involves spiritual intervention that can be part of or completely separate from a psychotherapeutic relationship. Shamanic work done separately from any type of counseling is strictly private pay. Brandice adheres to the same privacy guidelines used in her clinical practice when working with shamanic clients, and the same ethical boundaries and standards as well, with some additional ethical boundaries specific to shamanic work (these can be discussed prior to or during session).

Shamanic work can be done in person or online (using a HIPAA compliant video conferencing tool called Appointments of all types (shamanic or counseling) are scheduled via the client portal or by contacting Brandice directly by phone, email, or the contact form on this site.

An initial appointment for shamanic work is typically 90 minutes with a fee of $150. All services, counseling or shamanic, are $100/hour. Time estimates for specific shamanic services can be found below.

Client Base:

  • Adults (All ages, including elderly / 65+)
  • All gender identities, sexualities, and spiritual/religious practices
  • Individuals, groups, some family and couples work (depending on present issue)
  • Animals (primarily domesticated animals)


  • Soul reading – a general check on many levels (first session 90 minutes, follow-ups 60 minutes)
  • Shamanic healing – extraction and deathwork (60+ min), guide/soul retrieval (2 hour minimum)
  • Chakra/etheric layer balancing (60 minutes)
  • Clearing and/or blessing of spaces/homes (2 hour minimum, time charged for travel)
  • Divination – combination or individual use of sky intuiting, card decks, and runes (30+ minutes)