World Mental Health Day

Today is World Mental Health Day.

Many of my clients have immense and complex responsibilities (loved ones, careers, businesses, their own clients, invisible illnesses), and my deepest passion in working with each one is to honor where each of us is best able to tend complex life and other people when we commit to our wellness as the first priority, the anchor that steadies us amid all of the rest. Our mental well-being is a crucial foundation for everything else in our lives, which makes it important that we acknowledge when we need support, acknowledge when we’re struggling, and celebrate the resilience inherent in being able to allow others to hold our pain thoughtfully. 

If you need help and you’re getting it, congratulations on that immense bravery. If you need help and voicing it is hard, please know that there are so many people who are passionate about the work and would welcome you, and you likely have an abundance of people who would be honored to help you to get to those helpers.

On World Mental Health Day, I want to welcome each person to reach out in whatever way might be needed, whether it’s to seek help for yourself or to check on someone you know who is carrying pain. We are all better for the community we create around our collective wellness. Thank you to those in my community who help, who allow help, and who support mental health awareness from all vantage points.

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