Practice Updates: COVID-19

Please read this post in its entirety, as this contains timely and important information.
Last updated May 5, 2020

(Recommend getting both of these up and running)


If you have the following criteria met, our sessions will be transitioning to telehealth until further notice (if you’re an existing client and have barriers to this transition, reach out to me ASAP on Spruce). If you’re new to my practice, plan to meet solely via telehealth until further notice.

Basic needs for a telehealth session:

  • necessary equipment with which to connect via live video (computer or mobile device with a working webcam & ability to Spruce, my telehealth and client messaging platform)
  • stable internet connection that can handle video calls (if the connection is poor, we will not be able to meet)
  • a private, safe space in which to meet without interruption and without being overheard


If you have barriers to telehealth (such as lack of privacy or lack of access to reliable internet), you’ll have one other potential option as long as you are symptom-free, have not been exposed to illness, and are adhering to recommended social distancing:

  • When the weather is cooperative, I will be able to meet for walking/outdoor sessions, which will allow for safer distancing while still meeting in person when absolutely necessary. Wearing of a mask will be a requirement, even while meeting outdoors.


I will only be available after 4 pm on weekdays for the foreseeable future, so I am opening up evening slots and additional weekend slots during this time.

New clients, please reach out if you need a slot that accommodates a need for weekend or evening times, but be aware that this will not be my long term schedule, nor is telehealth if you’re reasonably local to my practice location. We’ll likely talk about a shift in time and venue for treatment once social distancing recommendations are lifted, whenever that may be. If we establish treatment via telehealth and you’re not local to this area, that will still be an option to you regardless of my available days/times.


A global pandemic is not a good time to drop therapy as a resource. I know that telehealth isn’t the first choice for many (myself included), but it’s the safest option for continuing to receive support. I ask that you not make a decision to end treatment due to any type of current barrier without having a session to discuss options for making continued treatment work.

Also, there are a lot of directives, suggestions, reflections, and judgments of how each of us are coping right now. My auto insurance company had suggestions for how I take care of myself and I’m sure my toothpaste company would too, if I subscribed to that newsletter.

Please know that whatever you’re doing, however you’re coping, and whoever you need to be right now is VALID, even as that may change from day to day. You know you better than anyone and if there is something you really need and can manageably access right now, you’re likely already doing whatever you can to show up for yourself, your loved ones, and your community. Let that be enough if you can, give yourself some grace, and I’ll see you soon, so that we can sort out the rest together.

If you’re new to my practice, you read what is typically my front page (a welcome to potential clients) over here.

You can learn more about insurances, fees, and how to schedule an appointment over here.

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