Groups for witnessing personal and peer growth through sustainable support and accountability
  • DEADLINE TO JOIN THIS QUARTER: JANUARY 13TH (optional orientation prior to this date)

Any of these questions sound like something with which you’ve grapple recently?

– How do I tackle a professional project at a pace that leaves room for personal passions and family time?

– How do I embrace parenthood while loving my career and recognizing the superhero cape I’m already wearing?

– How do I continue to manifest my intentions in June of 2018 with same energy and sustained focus I had in January?

– How do I learn boundaries that protect my time, energy, and focus from others around me?

– How much energy goes toward the parts of my life that really deserve that energy, and what could I toss in a dumpster?

– Who am I with less on my plate and hands no longer holding someone else’s plate?

– How do I recognize, embrace, and give priority to what I’m truly invested in doing and find peace with what I’m ultimately motivated to complete?

Soulful Focus is a unique ongoing space that I‘ve wanted to create for a while. I am a lover of intentional planning, all types of creativity, empowerment, connection, and self care. Everywhere that I place passionate energy is about some portion of these things, both personally and professionally, so putting all of the elements into an ongoing shared space is, for me, the ultimate group witnessing.

Soulful Focus groups are for bringing professional and personal seekers together to talk about how we get things done while honoring all of the parts of ourselves with as much sustainable balance as possible. Our differences can used to walk our path while developing empathy for those walking paths that intersect with and differ from ours, while recognizing where we are all struggling with many of the same themes in our lives.

Here’s what you’ll receive:

– Orientation gathering in early January (learn about materials, format, and other members of your group)

– 1:1 personal mentoring session with me once per quarter

– End-of-month witnessing groups (evening or morning) every month

– Card readings for each member each month

– Online group for networking and supporting everyone else in the program

– Self care and planning resources from me monthly

– Homework assignments and check-ins tailored to the goals you decide to focus on for the year and the materials chosen for the year

The cost for all of the above: 

This is the pilot year, so I’m offering this program at the very reasonable, non-refundable price of $550 paid yearly, $290 paid twice per year, or $150 paid quarterly.

Additional 1:1 personal mentoring sessions will be made available beyond the included quarterly session for $60 per additional session.

*The fees do not include the 2 required books for each year, which are detailed in the next section, along with my reasoning for this. Each group member is responsible for purchasing these items prior to the first meeting.

Chosen materials that we will all be using in 2018, obtained by you prior to joining us:

Your Best Year 2018 workbook (Life Edition), by Lisa Jacobs (PDF, paperback)

Boundaries and Protections, by Pixie Lighthorse

– a planner (guidance and insight in this area will be part of my ongoing offering in the Facebook group in the form of live Q&A posts, reviews of methods I’ve tried, and links to many of the options out there)

*The two books are both available as ebooks or in paperback form, and I’d prefer to allow each member to obtain these texts in whatever form (or price) works best for them. The workbook is to be worked in, and Lighthorse’s book also has space in the physical copy for writing, so if purchased electronically, I would advise having a tablet on which you can write in the workbook, or a plan to print out pages.

Scheduling (tentative, pending filling of each track):

  • Sunday evening track – 6 pm – 8 pm, last Sunday of the month
  • Wednesday morning track – 9 am – 11 am, 4th Wednesday of the month
  • Participants of one track will be able to go to the other for a month in case of scheduling conflict, provided there is room
  • Notice of a shift in the schedule will be given at the monthly meeting prior (at minimum)
  • 1:1 sessions to be scheduled through the quarter (slot options will be posted, first come first serve)
  • DEADLINE TO JOIN THIS QUARTER: JANUARY 13TH (optional orientation prior to this date)





When will I have my 1:1 personal mentoring session?

I will offer several slots throughout the quarter, which will be first come, first serve. You will have the option of meeting with me at the beginning, mid-point, or end of each quarter, depending on what works best for you and when you feel the need for that time.

Can I join later in the year?

Sure, but keep a couple of things in mind:

1. The workbook we’re using starts in January, so you’ll still be expected to use it but will have some un-used space. You may need to spend time catching up in conversational threads of your group as well if joining a group that has already been meeting for a few months

2. If the groups are full when you want to join later in the year, you may have to wait. I only have space for 8 people in each group (evening/morning).

Can I pay monthly?

No. There are a few reasons for this, but they basically all come down to accountability and sustainability. I need to have my time commitment supported financially, and this is also intended to be a long haul endeavor. Making the up-front commitment is part of the accountability of this process.

Will my insurance cover this?

This is not a psychotherapy group, so it will not be billable to insurance. While I am a licensed psychotherapist and shaman, the work you do in this group will be driven by peer support, personal and group accountability, and a non-clinical level of support, affirmation, and guidance from me.

Can I participate if I am already a psychotherapy or shamanic client? Can I become a psychotherapy or shamanic client in addition to my participation in this group?

Yes! It’s certainly compatible with the clinical and spiritual work that I do. Keep in mind the point addressed above. While you may be seeing me through your insurance provider for therapy, this program will not be covered.

Similarly, if doing this work prompts you to seek additional support in the form of psychotherapy, we can discuss engaging in that work outside of group as long as you and I don’t have a personal relationship. I’m also happy to discuss formal shamanic work outside of group.

Can I choose to leave the group after the first quarter if I’m unable to continue for the entire year?

If you’re paying quarterly, then absolutely. Each quarterly payment is a commitment for that quarter and you can choose to discontinue your participation at the end of each quarter if you cannot continue. Those who pay for 6 months will have until the end of the first quarter to request a 30% refund if leaving the group. Those who pay for the year in full will have until the end of May to request a 30% refund if leaving the group.

If I leave the group, can I return when I’m able to participate again?

Seats in the group won’t be saved and space is limited, so you will have the option of joining a wait list or joining again in the next calendar year. There are no penalties, public shamings, or judgments if you have a span of time where your goals need to be placed on hold, so consider sticking with us for ongoing support even when you’re not busting out task after task. That’s part of what this group is for!

More questions? Please contact Brandice at the link above!

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