Sky Witness Healing Arts is a spiritually and emotionally supportive practice owned by Brandice Schnabel, MSW, LISW-S. Services are self pay at an hourly rate and include conventional psychotherapy as well as shamanic work for any number of emotional or spiritual issues.

Brandice works exclusively with adults and engages in a variety of techniques to facilitate healing of past traumas, focusing on balance and self care for stressed caregivers, identifying and supporting spiritual paths, and changing narratives to create a new understanding of our individual healing stories.

Common themes in her practice include but are NOT limited to scenarios like these:

Do you care for an elderly parent, a disabled sibling or relative, or are a new or overwhelmed parent? Counseling and/or shamanic work can provide guidance in obtaining balance within a stressful caregiving dynamic and enlist the active support and guidance of one’s ancestors and spirit guides in knowing how to best help a loved one and also when to allow space for one’s own wellbeing.

Do you work in an environment where you’re faced with scenarios that result in burn-out, compassion fatigue, or difficulty in setting boundaries that make that job manageable? Personal healing and ongoing dialogue about healthy boundaries and self care are a valuable tool in making many of us better at the meaningful work that we do, and it better equips us for facing daily challenges without succumbing to the weight of accumulated work stress. Let’s talk about how you can embrace and enjoy the work without absorbing and becoming the work!

Do you struggle to make sense of or find peace with your child birth experience or with your body after a difficult pregnancy or postpartum healing process? Brandice is passionate about changing the narrative around pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood to allow for open expression of trauma, depression, and anxiety so that each mother’s unique story is fully honored and, with time, fully healed.

Do you have emotional stress or trauma in your past or present that you want to address from a holistic and spiritually supported perspective? Counseling with shamanic techniques or a purely shamanic approach can offer new sources of support to those who are seeking spiritually and are in need of guidance toward establishing a deeper soul connection.

If you’re ready to do the work, Brandice is ready to listen, both to you and to your guides, on a journey toward a fully realized and supported self. Please call with any questions or to schedule a session!