About Brandice

I am a clinical social worker and shamanic practitioner in Northeast Ohio offering clinical psychotherapy, elder care consultation, healthy productivity support, and shamanic interventions. I have experience working with adults of all ages with a variety of mental health diagnoses, and has worked in a variety of settings, including almost 10 years in  inpatient psychiatric care. I’ve been enjoying private practice work since early 2016.
My passion lies in using all of the skills I have gathered throughout my years of training and experience to give my clients permission to do the hard work of caring for themselves through telling and transforming their healing stories. I strongly support self care, boundaries, ongoing reflection, continuous learning, and processing of feelings and experiences in order to move through each chapter of those stories. I’m honored to witness each client’s work and validate each milestone while also recognizing where my own story is shaped by each opportunity to be witness to another person.
My clinical approach is eclectic, using multiple theories and approaches to fit each client, and my shamanic technique is shaped by a grounded and modern shamanic approach with careful avoidance of cultural appropriation.

  • Ohio CSWMFT Board License # I.1100037.SUPV
  • NPI I.1100032.SUPV

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